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Midnite Games is a mobile game developer. Change of name has made the current logo irrelevant, and we need to fix it by creating a new one. The name became shorter, more laconic and the logo needs to match this concept. New name, new beginning!

The brightest star Sirius reflects company's perfectionism in work and remains in touch with space. It's always seen in the sky so the feeling of having something related to the logo in night sky will always be there. As well as the Moon depicted with Earth — a direct reference to the name. The product of Midnite Games and the way it interacts with the audience is symbolized by a sparkling, radiant look, "sparkling eyes", whose visual image successfully echoes the shape of Sirius.

As a result, we created a sign that reflects the activities of the company, its name and a dedicated, very Sirius approach to work.
Sirius — the brightest star
in the Northern Hemisphere
Phases of the Moon — a faithful
companion of the Earth
Sparkling eyes during
an exciting game
Design value

We decided to stick to the circle form that is ideal in every sense — this way we can maintain a certain continuity of form, keep it minimalistic and avoid diculties with logo placement on various items. We were also inspired to use simple forms because they overlap with the style of all Midnite games.

Therefore, we put a large circle (Earth) and a smaller circle (Moon) at the basis of the logo. A guiding star (Sirius) was placed at the very heart of the composition and it's a reection of the audience's "sparkling eyes". The entire composition fits into the square perfectly, which allows you to easily use the
logo on any given branded media.

We picked the deep shade of the night sky, complemented it with bright white (to match the radiance of a star) and muted almost-black (for contrast).

The company has two target audiences: game users and sponsors, and in our case, the monochrome gives interpretation variability for both of them. On the one hand, this shade of blue-violet creates a very vivid illustrative association — this is what a user needs and a point of interaction with this type of audience. At the same time, blue is considered the color of business, restraint and, so to speak, seriousness — all this is perfectly synchronized with B2B clients.

The overall color scheme gives a clear association with the name — stellar midnite.

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