We visualized how the logo will be used on branded media, what mood can be created with the help of color and what impression the brand will make.
Logo concept was influenced by the name of the company. Proof denotes verification + stylization of O letters gives a hint that it's a person who is going to be checked and verified.
Brand Identity
The main goal of the logo is to create company's recognition. We identified the main element straight away — the core of the logo is the person. The sign is concise and sets the tone for the whole corporate brand identity.
We've developed two versions of the logo. Primary logo is created for website, presentations and documentation. Sign is suitable for small media branding.

Together with a harmonious font and corporate colors, the logo forms a calm and balanced image of a modern company with high competence in its industry.
The logo is based on two principles — simplicity and restrained beauty. The O letters are taken as elements that set the tone and are stylized as images of two people, one of whom is turned upside down.
On an intuitive level, this technique is perceived as a contrast. And in our case, this is the contrast between a good and a bad candidate.

The rest of the name is depicted in a classic font. Thus, the sign has harmonious proportions and due to the dynamics of accented letters the logo creates a noble and concise image of the company.